Friday, June 23, 2006

These are the rules

1. I leave it up to the reader to define who the 'you' is in the title, but here are some guidelines:

- If you're a devoted follower of either Democrats or Republicans
- If you allow your political and/or religious affectations to supersede common sense
- If you allow said affectations to supersede your sense of humanity
- If you allow news programming from major networks to give you your vision of the world
- If you get all of your news from political bloggers (including me)
- If you find American Idol to be even vaguely entertaining

You're most likely an Idiot. Please note that these are only guidelines and can be modified (read: added to) at any time.

2. Do your own damn research. If I mention an article or a website that's fairly obscure, I'll link it. Otherwise, all of you should be using a web browser that is in some way enabled with that magical, Intarweb creation known as 'Google'. Use it and amaze yourself with its awesome power. In the process, read more about said cited topic from different sources. That's how one creates an educated opinion.

3. If you have anything to say, by all means, comment. Because that's part and parcel of the most important rule, set aside here from the rest to provide emphasis:

If you're not stopping to give your opinion, to rail against the sheer incompetence, corruption, and outright stupidity of most of our major institutions, then you, just like they, are an Idiot. You're playing along. Be a productive citizen: stop playing. Speak out. Do something about the rest of the Idiots. By this path shall society eventually achieve RE-Enlightenment... Maybe.


Blogger Robert said...

A comment on rule number 2. Having taught today's undergraduate population, I find it necessary to say that the web is not in any way shape or form a reliable resource unless you are absolutely certain of editorial review on the site you are visiting. For information that has gone through a review process for authenticity you are still going to have to pick up a dead-wood publication like a newspaper or a book. I mean, if this blog isn't proof of it, any idiot can publish any damned fool thing on the internet.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Jackwraith said...

Granted. I was hoping by 'different sources' the implication would be something other than just blogs. Hence, the fifth (and counting) condition of idiocy...

11:16 PM  

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