Monday, June 26, 2006

So, who are these idiots?

Many of you reading, unfortunately. And said definition stretches across the political spectrum and out of it, but let's examine some major colors of that spectrum just for a few moments.

Democrats: Seemingly wedded to the idea that their party actually stands for something other than not being like those 'other guys' (read: the ones in power with a message, albeit normally a bad one) with representatives wanting you to re-elect them every 2-6 years so they can keep saying that. For how many years now has the media branded the Dems with the hated title of 'no message' and for how many years have most Dems claimed to be for some vaguely progressive ideals that most of them quickly abandon as soon as campaign season is past? That's if they bother to espouse those things in the first place. I've met one worthwhile Democratic Congressman in my life. The rest are money sops and the lower officials aren't that much better.

Republicans: The Dems just kowtow to money. Republicans kowtow to money AND religion; twice over the root of all evil. Funny thing is, most Republicans that I know personally revile the trend of their own party... but they keep voting for them because it seems like a better thing to do than vote for those 'other guys' because they could only be worse, right? I keep telling them: No, they'd pretty much be the same thing. This is beyond the traditional definition of insanity (Google; I'll wait) and arcing toward a simple refusal to accept reality. Even in the case of the intelligent GOP supporters, all one has to do to activate the idiot response is to use the hilariously ironic warning: "Protect your guns!", which also leads us quite neatly to

Libertarians: I'd really enjoy these guys if they didn't have that little mental tic: Protect free speech... and our guns! Legalize grass... and save our guns! Promote local control... and our guns! Oh, and don't make me pay one thin dime for the roads, or the schools, or the water system, or the fire department, or the parks, or... I mean, well, until *I* need it! Then, those things should be present... along with our guns!

Veering aside on our political wheel, we have the Greens. Now, as some of you may know, I have a bit of an attachment to the Green party, as the only party to field decent candidates for the highest office in the land in the last two Presidential races. If only that same decency could be present down through the rest of the party, which often seems comprised of people screaming at windmills to defend themselves. If you think the major parties are tunnel-visioned, focused in on their own little agendae, then you've never seen a vast body of people, consumed by their own little tree (one might even say 'hugging it'), and completely missing the incredible forest...

There's a reason some people say "I don't like politics." But, then, those people are the real idiots...


Blogger Robert said...

Heard an interesting discussion on NPR today, wish I could remember the details, maybe I'll try to look it up later. Anyways, the guy being interviewed had done some statistical analysis on the speeches given at the '04 Republican convention and all speeches given by Republicans in office and running for office since and found that something like 80% of them were sticking to the exact same messages and phrases as the speeches given two years ago. On the Democratic side, there was almost no relationship between speeches across this period or across the party. Conclusion, Republicans win because they have a simple message which everyone in the party can learn and is willing to repeat as often as possible. Democrats lose because they don't speak with one voice and therefore look like they don't have any plans or are some kind of "flip-floppers" whatever that means.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Jackwraith said...

Heh. One more sterling example of the American attention span...

11:14 PM  

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