Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The long absence

I've been nudged by precisely one person about my absence from this tiny forum over the past month, and that after promising a post of some weight, size, and temperament. I have no excuse, except to present the current cascade of scoffing, incredulity, and righteous indignation echoing from columnists far and wide on this day just past known as Labor Day. It seems that they've all suddenly discovered that the main purpose of our current economic ideology is the collective deprivation of those who have some to provide more for those who have much.

I've been saying that (and many other things like it, on topics not constrained solely to the economy, as well) for years. And I get really tired of repeating myself on the same issues, over and over, especially when the arguments against my statements become weaker and weaker as time goes on. Far be it from me to arrogate enlightenment to myself. There are many more people than me who've been saying this long before the timid morons and the Washington Post started. And that's perhaps precisely the point: I'm not sure that anything emerging here is in any way different or of more particular value to the struggle at large than anything else.

At one point, I assumed that this would be a viable venting outlet. But venting often invites feedback, and with so little of it, the compulsion to keep venting becomes very weak; almost pedantic. So, apologies to those who expected something better, but no guarantees on when and how much singing to the void will continue in the future. There are a lot of other things to read on the Web, anyway...