Friday, July 14, 2006

Now it begins

According to the Newspaper of Record (aka the NY Times), Israel has launched a full-scale invasion of Lebanon, bombing airports, killing civilians, and specifically declaring Beirut as a target, while putting the nation under a naval blockade.

Yesterday, Bush chimed in with the concern, not that Israel appeared to be committed to full-scale war (which we now discover, they were/are), but that the actions of the IDF might 'destabilize the Lebanese government.' Of course it will, you Mensa candidate. That's exactly what Hizbollah wants, because the government started making noises about cooperating with the US and eliminating Syrian influence. And, par usual, the trigger-happy Israelis are only too happy to assist in destablizing their neighbors, since their first response to any kind of crisis is a bombing sortie.

Even better, just on the other side of Syria, even the Pentagon is now using the phrase 'civil war' as violence tears across Iraq. Before it was 'outside agitators/terrorists'. Then it was Ba'athists (or 'Saddamites', as a White House spokesperson called them the other day; still no sign of the Gomorrahans...) Then it was 'insurgents'. Then it was 'Sunni insurgents'... and 'Shiite insurgents'. Now it's simply multiple factions locked in a death embrace and the US sitting squarely in the middle of it. Kinda like... Lebanon in 1983. And if we look at Lebanon now...? Uh, better not. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Easy lessons:

1. By the very definition of the word, you cannot impose democracy. Any idiot knows this.

2. The more you foment an imbalance, the more the other side will seek redress.

3. Violence (and especially mass bombing of civilians) never really solves anything, much as it pains me to admit it when I think of some people who could really use a bit more violence than birdshot in their lives. It just kind of shuffles the problem aside until someone else picks it up and reloads.

Thus endeth the Remedial Middle East 101 lesson for the neo-cons. Final exam now being conducted. If you can keep the forthcoming ocean of blood off your test sheet, so much the better. 'Course, now that I think of it, this is probably the closest some of those 'End Times' retards are going to get to their long-awaited 'final battle'. Not that I'd think it possible for them to plan long-term like this, no matter what they spew about prophecies.

Thanks for your time, if not your effort. Idiots.


Blogger Robert said...

First of all, the Lebanese government was looking to do a whole lot more than break ties with Syria, they were looking to disarm Hezbollah (yes, this includes those members of the Hezbollah political branch in the government). Just like with Fatah and Hamas, the Israelis and Americans don't know when to back the one's who might actually help them in the long run.

Second, I think you can force democracy on a country, you just aren't going to like the results. What you will end up with is the extreme response to your actions winning election. Hamas, Hizbollah. Iraq and Afghanistan both becoming parts of an Iranian sphere of influence. Yeah, democratically elected tends to mean anti-American in these situations.

Finally, the only reason Hezbollah or Hamas have the positions, authority, and support they have now is because Israel would not let their moderate counterparts do what was necessary. Seriously, when Lebanon and Palestine needed schools, hospitals, mail delivered, etc. their repsective governments would prevented from doing so by Israel. The one's who came in and did what was needed were Hamas and Hezbollah. If the U.S. and Israel had flooded these two areas with money and technical support when they were under governments they could live with, Hamas and Hezbollah would be insignificant fringe groups instead of ruling parties.

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